Elvis Presley’s Smith and Wesson revolver hits $195,000

A Smith and Wesson 19-2 revolver belonging to Elvis Presley has sold for $195,000.

It was the lead lot of a number of guns connected to the star selling at Rock Island Auctions on May 5-7.

Elvis bought the gun new from Kerrs Sporting Goods in Beverly Hills in 1970, along with a huge number of other firearms.

 Elvis Smith Wesson

Elvis sent this Smith and Wesson to be engraved in Germany

Elvis expert Steve Dunleavy explained: "Presley had a real ball giving Kerrs Sporting Goods the best business they had ever had. In just one month he bought thirty-two hand guns, one shotgun and a rifle...

“The total cost of the shopping spree was $19,792."

Elvis sent the pistol off to Germany to be engraved and later gifted it to Vice-president Spiro Agnew when he made his famous visit to the White House in 1970.

However, Agnew returned the gun soon after he came under investigation for corruption (he also returned well over $260,000 in bribes from various companies).

Elvis went on to give the revolver to his close friend Sheriff Gene Barksdale of the Shelby County police.

The lot included a leather holster emblazoned “ELVIS” and a series of photographs showing the star holding the piece.

A similarly engraved Colt Python realised $172,500.

Elvis presented it to his director of security, Richard Grob, at some time during the early 1970s.

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