Bob Dylan song lyrics heading for auction

Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his celebrated song lyrics earlier this year.

Now a Dylan handwritten page from an unpublished and unrecorded track is coming to auction at Nate D Sanders.

Bob Dylan dairy

Dylan gave the lyrics to his roommate in New York 

Titled Wisconsin, the song is an ode to the Badger State that fixates on its cities and celebrated dairy industry.

Dylan writes that he’ll (sic): “Tune my banjo than the hills, and feast on milk and cream”.

He was actually born and raised in neighbouring Minnesota, but lived in Madison, Wisconsin for a short time in the early 1960s while he developed his sound.

He was largely ignored by the city’s folk scene and soon left for New York, where he appointed himself the successor of Woody Guthrie and began to make his name.

These lyrics date to November 1961 and show that he had a little way to go before he could fill Guthrie’s boots. 

Dylan expert Jeff Gold told Rolling Stone magazine: "I'm always dubious when a 'newly discovered Dylan manuscript' shows up at auction.

"There have been any number of forgeries sold as authentic over the years. This one, however, is the real deal.

“It's a long way from the kind of writing that won him the Nobel Prize, but it's still noteworthy as an example of Dylan's early songwriting."

The lot is valued in excess of $30,000.

That’s something of a bargain when you consider his lyrics to Like a Rolling Stone made $2m in 2014.

The sale is due to close later today.  

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