Amy Winehouse's London house sells for 'just' $3.1m

The large London house in which press-plagued soul singer Amy Winehouse lived has sold at auction for just £1.98m ($3.1m) - far below initial expectations.

Although celebrity associations are generally propitious, the low figure attached to Winehouse's Camden abode is thought to reflect its newly acquired status as unofficial shrine to the late singer as well as the circumstances of her death (which occurred at the property).

The Disaya designed printed chiffon dress worn by Amy Winehouse for the cover of Back to Black sold for £43,200 last year

The house was initially placed on the market by Winehouse's father Mitch in May 2012 with a price tag of £2.8m ($4.5m) attached. However, a lack of genuine interest (Mitch was inundated with viewing requests from fans) led him to reduce the price to £1.8m ($2.8). Having lingered awhile on the market, Mitch auctioned the property on December 3 2012, requesting that references to the singer be kept to a bare minimum.    

Situated in a sought after conservation area overlooking Camden Square, the substantial semi-detached house has become an unofficial shrine to Winehouse since her death in July 2011. Fans have been known to leave floral tributes, stage candlelit vigils, and treat the property as the ultimate destination on a boozy pilgrimage intended to honour the singer's own turbulent lifestyle.

The auctioneer present at the sale is reported to have commented that the figure eventually paid was "no price for this house".

Naturally, the factors affecting the reduction in the property's price do not apply to most Winehouse collectibles. The dress Winehouse wore for the cover of her 2006 album Back to Black, for example, sold at auction for £43,200 ($69,600) in November 2011 after being given a high estimate of £20,000 ($32,000).

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