2012 highest-grossing tours list reveals top collectible celebrities

Billboard magazine's highest-grossing live tours of 2012 list has been revealed, sharing some interesting correlations with the collectibles industry.

Those musicians with the highest earnings last year are also among the most popular on the current market, with collectible queen Madonna leading the list:

Highest grossing tours of 2012

1. Madonna - £140.9m ($226m)
2. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - £122.9m ($197.2m)
3. Roger Waters - £115m ($184.4m)
4. Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil - £90.9m ($145.7m)
5. Coldplay - £90.8m ($145.6m)
6. Lady Gaga - £77m ($123.5m)
7. Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw - ($95.4m)
8. Van Halen - £33.5m ($53.7m)
9. Jay-Z & Kanye West - £29m ($46.5m)
10. Andre Rieu - £28.9m ($46.3m)

As seen above, Michael Jackson's legacy continues to be felt across the music industry, and this is reflected within the market for Michael Jackson memorabilia. The star continued to see dazzling results for his top items in 2012, with his Bad tour jacket bringing a 100% increase on estimate in December and one of his iconic white gloves selling 210.4% above its pre-sale valuation.

But what drives this connection between tours and collectibles?

Tours are now the way for musicians to make real money, with download charts and record sales a secondary factor. As in collectibles, those names that make the biggest impact - whether through shock tactics, iconic style or legendary performances (on and off stage) - see the highest sales.

This is something that keen investors have long been aware of, with an investment fund specially dedicated to Madonna's iconic memorabilia. Promotions company Live Nation signed a $120m contract with the risqué performer in 2007, showing its belief that she will continue to produce profits.

Capitalise on this opportunity now with our fantastic selection of Madonna memorabilia for sale.  

Michael Jackson is one of the world's top-earning dead celebrities according to Forbes, with his estate accruing around $0.5bn in just two and half years since his death. His enduring appeal with many and mysterious death have ensured that both collectors and audiences for the posthumous tour remain enraptured.

There will never be another performer like Michael Jackson and top items are quickly running out. See our superb Michael Jackson collectibles for sale.

Also featuring on the list is Lady Gaga - another performer whose iconic performances and shocking style has been reflected in the collectibles market. A lipstick-marked teacup which she once used sold at auction for $75,300 in May 2012, suggesting she could be the collectible celebrity of the future.

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