Three Stooges posters, lobby cards coming to Robert Edward Auctions

A spectacular collection of rare Three Stooges lobby cards and movie posters will be sold through Robert Edward Auctions on April 26 online.

Three Stooges Woman Haters poster
Such is the rarity of Three Stooges posters, this is almost certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity

The collection is described as the "finest and most advanced" ever brought to auction, with the most sought after movie posters set to lead bids when the sale opens on April 7.

The undoubted highlight of the collection is a one-sheet poster for the comedy trio's first short film, Woman Haters - one of 190 shorts produced between 1934 and 1959. The auction house has called the piece "an iconic rarity deserving of display in the Smithsonian".

Three Stooges memorabilia, especially ephemeral items such as posters and lobby cards, are incredibly rare due to their age, and, as suggested by the auction house, "have long been recognised as 'blue chips' by advanced collectors".

Three Stooges Men in Black lobby card
Men in Black is a spoof of the 1934 Clark Gable film Men in White

Also featuring is a vast selection of lobby cards, 22 of which are "extreme rarities" from the 1930s - the most collectible era of the Three Stooges' careers. Starring is an example from 1934's Men In Black, which was bought by the consignor from Moe Howard's daughter several decades ago.

With over 101 one-sheet posters and 153 lobby cards, the collection will be sold over several auctions, with the first sale featuring 43 lobby cards and six one-sheet posters.

At Heritage Auctions in July 2013, a collection of 17 Three Stooges posters and lobby cards totalled $163,000, with a very fine one sheet for 1938's feature Mutts to You selling for $28,680.

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