Star Trek phaser pistol to make up to $60,000 in LA

A screen used phaser pistol from the original Star Trek series is valued at $40,000-60,000 ahead of a sale at Propworx in Los Angeles on February 21.

The lot is one of only two specimens known to have survived since the 1960s.

Star Trek phaser
The phaser appears in an early episode of Star Trek

It's built from fibreglass and displays wear and scratches, while the Velcro displays fragments of material from the iconic red, gold and blue Starfleet outfits.

Propworx explain: "This incredible piece of television history has been exhaustively researched and precisely screen matched to the mid-grade phaser prop featured in an opening scene in the 2nd season TOS episode 'Assignment: Earth', where it is seen in a close-up view on-screen in the hand of a security officer in the Transporter Room.

"Most significantly, it is the presence of both a uniquely contoured scratch line and a small blemish formed by excess paint - both on the front face of the pistol body - as well as perfectly matching orientations of the attached silver nozzle ring and the right-angled metal plate on top that have enabled this particular prop to be positively identified on-screen in that memorable time-travel episode, which originally was broadcast on Mar. 29, 1968."

Memorabilia from Star Trek's original series remains immensely popular, with a rifle wielded by William Shatner in the pilot selling for $231,000 at Julien's in 2013. 

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