Star Trek laser rifle auctions for $231,000 at Julien's

A laser rifle from the original series of Star Trek has seen outstanding bids at Julien's Auctions' Hollywood Legends sale, held on April 5-6 in Los Angeles.

William Shatner Star Trek rifle
The rifle predates the more famous phaser

The rifle was used by William Shatner in the second pilot episode of the legendary 1960s TV show. It sold for $231,000, making a 285% increase on its $60,000 high estimate.

The unfamiliar rifle predates the more famous phaser gun commonly employed throughout the series. It is a bespoke prop made especially at the request of creator Gene Rodenberry.

This is now the second most valuable item ever sold from Star Trek, with the current record held by the captain's chair at $304,750, following a sale in 2008.

The second highest bids of the sale were seen by the 1966 Imperial Crown car nicknamed Black Beauty, which originates from the 2011 production of The Green Hornet. One of only a few versions to have survived filming, it sold for $46,875.

As ever, Marilyn Monroe memorabilia saw some of the highest bids of the auction, with a bra from Some Like it Hot selling at $28,125, while one of her lavish cocktail dresses brought an impressive $25,000. A set of Capo di Monte cups and saucers that formerly belonged to the star also sold, making $17,500.

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