Set design for Casino Royale to see $45,500 at Bloomsbury

The original set design for the 1967 James Bond film, Casino Royale, will sell as part of Bloomsbury Auctions' May 30 auction in London, which marks the auction house's 30th anniversary.

James Bond Casino Royale Set Design
The set design contains numerous Bond-esque features, including hidden security monitors and rooms reserved for nefarious activities

The gouache shows the famous casino featured in the film, and will provide one of the many highlights of the sale, valued at �20,000-30,000 ($30,217-45,326).

The ambitious set design was created by John Michael Stringer. Showing a bird's-eye view of the casino, it contains several distinctly Bond features, such as hidden security monitors and rooms reserved for nefarious activities.

Stuart Craig, who worked as an assistant under Stringer, commented: "[Casino Royale] was an amazing achievement design-wise. It was done on such a lavish scale, with cowboys and horses riding through this massive casino.

"Today, that would be a minimal amount of set and the upper parts of it would be a computer-generated matte painting - it wouldn't physically exist. They had a lot more work to do in those days."

Paul Fraser Collectibles has some brilliant James Bond autographed photos for sale, as well as a fantastic example of Sean Connery's autograph.

Also starring in the sale is a fantastic collection of first edition books, including a complete set of JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings novels, which are valued at �30,000-40,000 ($45,326-60,435).


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