Pee-wee Herman's bicycle flying at $25,500 on eBay

The stylish bicycle Pee-wee Herman refused to sell in his Big Adventure has come up for sale on eBay.


In the 1985 comedy, directed by Tim Burton, Pee-wee is besotted with the beach cruiser and refuses to sell it, despite the advances of his neighbour. Shortly afterwards, the bike is stolen and Pee-wee's adventure begins.

Bids have reach $25,300 on eBay's auction listing, with the current owner stating he bought it for $10,000 in 2010.

Accompanying the bike is an autographed photo of Pee-wee actor Paul Reubens, along with a letter of authenticity and Warner Bros' spec sheet on the red pannier boxes.

The only setback is that the bike is currently in parts: the owner says he prepared it for a previous sale that fell through.

A Pee-wee bike featured in Profiles in History's 2013 Hollywood Auction, where it was listed as "one of only a few" used in the film.

The eBay listing has far exceeded the $15,000-20,000 estimate given by Profiles in History, but the owner faces the question posed in many similar sales: are the bids real or not? Ebay is well known for bids that turn out to have been the fantasy of a hopeful collector.

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