Orson Welles movie camera achieves $37,500 in New York sale

A movie camera used by Orson Welles during filming for his 1962 documentary The Land of Don Quixote has sold for $37,500 at Heritage Auctions in New York.

His daughter Beatrice recently discovered the Bell and Howell 240 16mm camera among his personal effects, which have lain untouched since his death in 1985.

Orson Welles movie camera
Orson Welles is regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century

The Land of Don Quixote was produced for an Italian TV channel to raise funds for Welles' adaptation of Cervantes' famously complex novel.

Ultimately the studio ran out of money, and following Welles death the project was officially cancelled. An fresh attempt led by Terry Gilliam in the early 2000s also ended in disaster.

A series of 24 working script pages from Citizen Kane made $15,000.

The film is considered a seminal masterpiece, establishing narrative and visual techniques that were years ahead of their time.

They page have been heavily handled and some are smudged with fingerprints that are presumed to be Welles' own.

An original script for The Magnificent Ambersons, Welles' second film, which features a different ending to the final cut, made $10,625.

Famously Welles was forced to change the ending to the film, which was considered too downbeat by studio executives.  

We have a selection of movie memorabilia available, including this cheque signed by Marilyn Monroe, whom Welles used to date.

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