Original 1966 Batmobile to exceed $4m at Barrett-Jackson?

The original Batmobile from the 1966 TV series is for sale at the Barrett-Jackson Collection in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It's offered for sale with an asking price in excess of $4m.

Batmobile Barrett Jackson
The original Batmobile is a modified Lincoln Futura

The lot is a modified Lincoln Futura that was adapted for the TV show by custom car designer George Barris in 1965.

The Futura was a unique concept car that cost $250,000 to develop. It was sold to Barris for $1.

As the Batmobile it made a record $4.6m in 2013.

Roger C Johnson, a spokesperson for Barrett-Jackson, told the MailOnline: "Many high-end collectable cars are so rare most people have never seen them before, and therefore can't really appreciate the history behind their value and beauty.

"However, possibly the most desirable and collectable car of all is one that every man, woman or child in the free world can easily identify without the slightest hesitation. The original Batmobile will always be one of those cars…

 "Some of the most intriguing elements of this machine are its fantastic gadgets just the things every crime-crusher needs."

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