Marilyn Monroe nude calendar sells at Heritage for $5,000

A rare Marilyn Monroe nude calendar, which has been autographed by the actress, sold at Heritage Auctions on December 14, bringing $5,000.

The circa 1952 calendar is one of very few still in circulation. Its sale price was not only dependent on the scarcity of any equivalent calendar, but also on the inherent value of an authentic Marilyn Monroe autograph - such as this example we currently have in stock.    

Monroe pictured with Mary Karger (right) in 1962

Marilyn Monroe is a 20th century cultural icon, and items associated with the screen star retain a great deal of cultural intrigue as well as monetary value. The calendar in question, which is addressed to Mary Karger and features Monroe in "A New Wrinkle" pose, is a relic from a time in the actress' life when she was romantically entangled with Karger's brother Fred.

Monroe's mythos is tempered with romance, glamour and, of course, tragedy; a heady cocktail which ensures enduring collectability and saleability at auction. Although the calendar is heavily worn, it boasts excellent provenance - having originally been sold from Mary Karger's collection.

At Paul Fraser Collectibles we currently have a number of valuable and intriguing Marilyn Monroe collectibles in stock, including items dating from her school days as well as an authentic stand of her blonde hair.

Another recent Monroe-related success at auction was Milton Greene's extensive photo archive, which brought $750,000 in Poland in November, making it the country's highest grossing photograph sale of all time.

For more information and advice on investing in celebrity collectibles, please visit our investing in autographs page.

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