Just arrived: A 1930s Hollywood treasure

Funny bones.

Some people just have them.

Everything they do makes you laugh. It's a rare gift.

And Laurel & Hardy had the funniest bones of all.

Pie fights. Pratfalls. Smart lines and slapstick humour.

Stan and Ollie have been making people laugh for over 100 years.

Audiences of every generation still love them. I certainly do.

And if you're with me, you'll love this new stock item that's fresh in today.

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Laurel & Hardy were the perfect comedy duo. Iconic, lovable and funnier than anyone.

The funniest of all-time

No Hollywood autograph collection is complete without Laurel & Hardy.

They're the greatest comedy duo of all time.

They influenced everyone from Abbott and Costello, to Peter Sellers, and Steve Martin. Even The Beatles put them on the cover of Sgt Pepper.

And they're incredibly popular with collectors to this day.

But that demand means the market is full of fakes. I've examined dozens of Laurel & Hardy signed photographs over the years, and only a handful have ever passed the test.

This one did. It's the genuine article.

A classic 1930s studio portrait, beautifully signed and 100% authentic.

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This original 1930s Hollywood studio portrait was signed by Laurel & Hardy at their creative peak.

An original 1930s treasure

This original vintage publicity photograph measures 7” by 5”.

Despite being 90 years old, it has survived in good condition.

It features minor paper loss to the lower left corner, which does not affect the image or signatures.

Which is fortunate, because those signatures are superb examples.

The pair have signed below their portraits in blue and black ink respectively.

Plain and bold. Unmistakably Stan and Ollie.

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Two exceptional autographs for your collection, free from any personal inscriptions.

Perfect for display

And perhaps most importantly, this photo is completely undedicated.

Now that's a real rarity.

Virtually every Laurel & Hardy signed photograph you see is personalised.

They loved their fans, and almost always added a friendly first-name greeting.

But this photo features no inscription. Just the clear autographs you want.

For collectors, that's a massive plus. Undedicated items are far more desirable. Much more saleable. And absolutely perfect for display.

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Hang this wonderful photo on your wall and give yourself a smile every day.

Own this photograph today

his vintage studio portrait captures Laurel & Hardy at their finest.

They're iconic. Loveable. And brilliantly funny.

If you love classic movies, it's a real treat.

And if you're an autograph collector, it's a real rarity.

  • It gives you two superb signatures
  • Signed at their creative peak in the 1930s
  • Free from any personal dedications
  • And guaranteed 100% authentic

So buy this photo. Frame it up. Hang it on your wall with pride...

And I guarantee it will make you smile every day.

You can own it now for just £2,995 ($3,685).

Buy this photograph now

This photograph comes with a Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee and my own personal Certificate of Authenticity.

And delivery is completely free and fully insured.

Remember: this photograph just arrived in stock today. You're the first to see it. And it won't be available for long.

So click here to add it to your collection now.

You can also reserve it by emailing me at info@paulfrasercollectibles.com.

Or call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading,

Paul Fraser.

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