Joseph C Wright Oscar valued at more than $85,000 at Nate D Sanders

An Oscar awarded to art director Joseph C Wright for his work on My Gal Sal (1942) will auction at Nate D Sanders with a minimum bid of $85,000.

The sale will close on July 31.

Oscar Wright Nate
The Oscar was presented to Joseph C Wright for his work on the 1942 film My Gal Sal

Wright worked on some of the biggest musicals of the era including Porgy and Bess, Oklahoma and Guys and Dolls - receiving 12 Academy Award nominations throughout his career.

The consignor clearly has high hopes of making a nice profit from the award - he bought it for $79,200 at Briarbrook Auctions on Rhode Island just last week (June 23).

In April of this year, an Oscar presented to cinematographer Gregg Toland for his work on a 1939 adaptation of Wuthering Heights made $155,000 - also at Nate D Sanders.

An award presented to Hungarian-American actor Bela Lugosi for successfully weaning himself off opiates starts at $18,000.

The lot features a plaque on the front that reads ''To / Bela Lugosi / For Meritorious Achievement Which Proves / 'Life Is What You Make It' / Awarded by Kings Men''.

Lugosi (1882-1956) became addicted to morphine and methadone while being treated for sciatica during the late 1930s. He eventually sought treatment in 1955 - although by this time his career was in ruins.

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