Investing in collectibles? Remember 'The 1% Rule'

Are you thinking of investing in collectibles?

Be careful. The stark truth is that 99% of the items you could go out today and buy at auction will not make you money over the long-term.

Now that may surprise you if you're a regular reader of this newsletter. Because aren't I always saying how memorabilia, stamps, war medals and the like can make you money?

I am.

But what I also always say is this:

"That it is only the rarest, most prestigious items that are investment grade."

These are the 1% items. The ones that other collectors continually fight over. The ones that have more and more suitors with every passing year.

Forget the other 99% if you want to make money.

And since I'm talking plainly with you today, let me also say this.

With few exceptions, successfully investing in collectibles is a rich man's game.

Bonhams Lion Oz
Up 20.6% per annum since 2006

To own the most coveted items - the ones which have a good chance of rising in value over time - you need to be prepared to make a substantial outlay.

This week's sale of the cowardly lion costume from The Wizard of Oz is a great example.

It sold for $3.1m in Bonhams' film memorabilia auction in New York. That's a 20.6% per annum return on the $826,000 it made in 2006.

Why is it so valuable? Because the film is arguably the most famous ever made. The cowardly lion is one of its best-loved characters. And everyone watched Oz growing up. It's a piece of our collective childhoods. Which means lots of collectors want to own it.

And why is it growing in value?

Because ever-increasing numbers of collectors are realising the importance of these great pieces of film history.

Now, the lion costume is an extreme example. You don't have to fork out $3m to get yourself an investment-grade item. But as I said, you need to be prepared to spend.

You should be ready to part with at least �3,000 ($5,000) on a single item if buying a collectible with investment in mind.

If you're buying from a fair priced dealer, �3,000 should ensure you get a piece of sufficient quality, rarity and desirability that it will have sell-on potential in years to come.

Are you looking to dip your toe into the investment-grade collectibles market? If so, why not get in touch with me today and we can discuss what's right for you?

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