Indiana Jones bullwhip to make up to $91,000

A bullwhip from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) is offered with a valuation of up to £70,000 ($90,679) at the Prop Store.

Designed by master whip maker David Morgan, the piece is constructed from kangaroo hide and measures 10 feet in length.

Indiana Jones whip

The whip appears in the sequence filmed at Castle Brunwald in Bavaria

A number of whips were used during the making of the movie.

This example was employed during the sequence at Castle Brunwald, Bavaria where Harrison Ford narrowly escapes the clutches of the Nazis.

Indiana Jones whips are highly collectible pieces of movie memorabilia.

Others have sold for huge sums in the past. One that appeared in all three films in the original trilogy achieved £140,000 ($181,359) at Profiles in History in 2014.

A hand-painted portrait of Tony Montana (Al Pacino) and Elvira Hancock (Michelle Pfeifer) from 1983 gangster flick Scarface is estimated at £30,000-50,000 ($38,862-64,771).

Scarface Painting

The painting is nearly two and a half metres tall 

The lot is dotted with 10 bullet-holes (created by squibs attached to the back of the canvas) from the climactic final shootout in Montana’s fabulous Miami mansion.

The painting is visible at numerous points throughout the movie, although interestingly not during the gunfight.

Star Wars fans are well served, with a wealth of pieces from the early movies.

Collectors will be paying close attention to the sale of a model Y-Wing, which is expected to make around £200,000 ($258,720).

We have this unusual piece of Star Wars memorabilia for sale.

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