Green Hornet's 1965 Chrysler Imperial to lead sale at RR Auction

The 1965 Chrysler Imperial used in the 2011 film The Green Hornet carries a current bid of $37,982 in an online sale of RR Auction which is due to close on June 26.

The lot, named the Black Beauty, bristles with imitation machine guns and rockets.

Green Hornet car
The car featured in the 2011 film The Green Hornet

RR Auction commented: "Only two hero cars remain from the film, the other being the 'pre-Kato-modified' version of the Imperial.

"The current owner frequently drives it to his favourite coffee shop, parks in front, and causes a riot.

"And although there is a 3 million dollar Bugatti parked outside of the House of Bijan in Beverly Hills, the owner sometimes parks his Black Beauty there, in front of the Bugatti, to see where the tourists will flock.

"It's a toss up — hard to ignore a car with machine guns on the hood and missiles on the bumpers."

An 8.5-graded copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, which features the first appearance of Spiderman, stands at $4,096.

It features the iconic origin story, where mild mannered Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and finds himself developing superhuman powers.

The character has since become one of the most successful characters in comic book history, appearing in films and on t-shirts around the world.

A 9.6-graded copy sold for $1.1m back in 2011.

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