Full Metal Jacket photos to sell for charity

A set of 12 photographs taken on the set of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket are offered at Paddle8 Auctions.

The collection is expected to make around $10,000-25,000, with the proceeds earmarked for the Purple Heart Foundation.

Full metal photos

The sale of the photographs will raise funds for the Purple Heart Foundation

The organisation offers support for wounded veterans and their families.

The photographs were taken by Matthew Modine, who plays Private Joker in the movie.

Kubrick granted him permission to document the two years of filming. The images include Modine’s notes, which offer context on the moments captured.

The movie was set in both a training camp in South Carolina and Vietnam, but was famously filmed in Cambridgeshire, UK as Kubrick was terrified of flying.

The jungles of Southeast Asia were recreated with tens of thousands of imported rubber plants and a few hundred potted palm trees.

Modine said: “Working with Stanley Kubrick on Full Metal Jacket was one of the most rewarding and foundational experiences of my early film career.  

“The film resonates eternally on the complexities of war and the experience of soldiers on the front line.

“I’m thrilled to be offering photographs from the making of Full Metal Jacket to benefit our country’s heroes who have sacrificed so much.”

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