Complete Star Wars R2-D2 unit to make $2m?

A complete R2-D2 unit made up of components from the original Star Wars franchise and two of the prequels is valued at $1m-2m.

It will auction on day three of Profiles in History’s Hollywood Auction 89 (June 28).

R2D2 complete Profiles

This is the only R2-D2 unit made from screen-used components 

All of the pieces were used in the various movies, making this as close to a screen-used R2D2 as it’s possible to get.  

For example, the left and right legs are from The Empire Strikes Back while the dome at the top is from A New Hope (incidentally, it’s the only film-used R2-D2 dome ever to be offered on the market).

The auction house comments: “A complete film used R2 unit is not known to be in the public domain – this R2-D2 offering represents the pinnacle of the Star Wars collecting universe…

“As filming progressed, R2 units were upgraded and refurbished, with outdated components being retired.

“This process has been confirmed by numerous crewmembers who worked on the Star Wars film franchise.”

Leonardo Di Caprio’s screen-worn Jack Dawson costume from 1997 blockbuster Titanic is expected to reach $100,000-150,000.

Jack Dawson

This is the outfit DiCaprio wore for most of the movie  

While DiCaprio wore several costumes during the film, this is easily the most iconic. It can be seen in most of the movie’s key scenes.

Day two of the sale will feature the original dance floor from Saturday Night Fever (1997) and the doors to Rick’s Cafe from Casablanca (1942).

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