Classic movie posters to auction at Heritage

Classic movie posters are among the most coveted pieces of film memorabilia around.

In recent years the market has taken off. In July a 1946 Italian poster for Casablanca achieved a massive $478,000.

Dracula poster Heritage

Dracula is one of the most acclaimed movies of Hollywood's Golden Age 

Heritage Auctions’ sale in Dallas on November 18-19 will showcase a wealth of pieces for all wallets, with items ranging from $400 to the low hundreds of thousands.

At the top end is a one-sheet for Dracula (1931), valued at $200,000-300,000.

The lot is one of two ultra-rare “Style A” types. It displays an impressive profile of Bela Lugosi in the legendary titular role.

Some light colour enhancement and repairs to pin marks have left it as fresh as the day it was printed.

As Heritage explains: “A "holy grail" in the world of poster collecting, this striking one sheet is one of the rarest and most desirable of its genre, if not the entire hobby!

“Prior to the recent discovery of this stone litho beauty, only one other copy of the style A format has ever surfaced, a rare find unearthed in the early 1990s.”

There’s also a heavily stylised 1947 French "grande" poster for Casablanca.

There aren’t many of these around. This particular example is expected to go for $200,000.

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