Carrie Fisher's Star Wars script makes $54,000

Carrie Fisher's script for Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back has sold for $54,400.

The item was the star of Profiles in History's final day of auction lots dedicated to Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

Carrie Fisher script

Fisher was a Star Wars fan - and held onto a large amount of memorabilia

The fact it contained Fisher's detailed annotations, which offer a glimpse into her thought processes, added to its allure.

At one point she writes of how her character, Princess Leia, should react to Harrison Ford’s Han Solo: "I am so disappointed in you I can't even speak on it."

Fisher used the script during shooting – an attribute that further enhanced its appeal with collectors.

A director's chair used by Fisher on set in the third Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, sold for $10,240.

As well as acting in the films, Fisher was a Star Wars fan. She collected an array of memorabilia, much of which sold during the three day auction.

This included an ultra rare poster advertising Revenge of the Jedi. That was going to be the title of the second film before Lucas decided revenge wasn't a trait in keeping with a Jedi Knight. It sold for $4,480.

One item that didn't make it to the auction block was Debbie Reynolds' dance studio in Hollywood. It sold for $6.1m in a private deal prior to the auction.

Reynolds opened the studio in 1979 and it was a favourite of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Cher.

The new owner will maintain it as a rehearsal room for another year, before redeveloping the complex.

Fisher and Reynolds died within a day of each other last December.

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