Blade Runner Vid-Phon to star in movie memorabilia sale

A Vid-Phon from Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic Blade Runner is valued at �20,000-30,000 ($30,557-45,836).

The lot is among the stars of a movie memorabilia sale held in collaboration with the Prop Store and Odeon Cinemas in London on September 23.

Blade Runner phone
The Vid-Phon originally displayed a live feed on its screen

The auction house explains: "This item screen matches to the scene in which Deckard used a Vid-Phon to call Rachael (Sean Young) from The Snake Pit.

"Designed by Syd Mead, the Vid-Phon is constructed from vacuform plastic over a wood frame that houses interior electronics…

"During production, the monitor housed within the prop provided a live feed of Sean Young, who performed in close proximity to Harrison Ford, allowing the actors to interact with one another in real time."

Deckard's signature blaster from the 1982 film sold for $225,000 at a 2009 auction.

Other recognisable lots include Alex's (Malcolm McDowell) purple coat from A Clockwork Orange, which he wore during the infamous record store scene.

It's valued at �8,000-10,000 ($12,226-15,282).

The auction will also feature a Fizzgig puppet from Jim Henson's Dark Crystal and a Spock outfit from the original Star Trek series.

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