Top 40 Living Autographs Index

The Queen is the world's most valuable living signature, Paul Fraser Collectibles’ Top 40 Living Autographs Index has revealed (July 2020). 

Elizabeth II signature

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip signed a 1949 Christmas card

Royal lovers will pay up to £4,500 to own a signed photo of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

She is ahead of grandson Prince William (£3,500) as well as Paul McCartney (£2,950), JK Rowling (£2,750) and the surprise entry of Lord Lucan (£2,000) in the top living signatures.

  • Queen Elizabeth II is the most valuable living signer, at £4,500
  • The missing Lord Lucan’s scribble is worth £2,000
  • Tom Hanks is the most valuable actor at £200

Queen Elizabeth II – a rare signer

"Genuine signatures from the Queen are rare," explains Paul Fraser Collectibles’ Daniel Wade.

"Protocol prevents the royal family from signing autographs for the public. That means personal correspondence such as Christmas cards are the only options for collectors.

“However, the Queen’s love of the Autopen machine, which replicates her autograph, means only a fraction of the signatures you see are genuine.

“And where there’s low supply and high demand, you get strong prices.

Lord Lucan - scarce

Lord Lucan (born 1934) hasn’t been seen since murdering his children’s nanny in London in 1974. Speculation regarding his whereabouts has endured since, with regular “sightings” around the world. If alive, he is 85. His signature is worth £2,000 in top condition.

"Lord Lucan hasn’t signed his name since 1974. At least, not his real name,” says Wade. "That makes his signature extremely scarce.

“Our fascination with ‘Lucky’ shows little sign of slowing. Which means there’s big competition for when his signature does come up at auction.”


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About the Paul Fraser Collectibles Most Valuable Living Autograph Index

The Paul Fraser Collectibles Most Valuable Living Autograph Index tracks the values of the most valuable living autographs. The prices given are an evaluation of the dealer price for a fully authenticated, best quality signed photo (unless otherwise stated), based on close monitoring of dealer and auction sales.

A “best quality” example will feature a photograph in superb condition, depicting the subject in their most famous era, with a sharp, clear signature acquired during that period.

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