John F Kennedy autograph

The assassination of John F Kennedy was one of the most shocking events in history.

If you were around at the time, you’ll probably recall hearing the news.

Where you were…

What you were doing…

What you were wearing…

It felt like an attack on the nation as whole.

He was a superstar

In 1960, Senator John F Kennedy became the youngest president in US history.

He was handsome. Charismatic. A war hero.  

John F Kennedy Autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons) 


During his short term he made a big impression.

  • He deftly handled the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Fired the starting gun on the Apollo Moon programme
  • Brought in an unprecedented period of economic growth

Today he’s remembered warmly on both sides of the political divide.

Part of the pantheon of US presidents.

Up there with the Lincoln, Washington and Roosevelt.

Right and left are happy to claim him as their own.

And that widens the market base in these fractious times.

His death was a shock

Ever since Kennedy’s death, rumours of conspiracies have swirled.

There is an entire industry focused on the assassination.

John F Kennedy Autograph

(Image: Flickr) 


You can read books. Watch movies. Take tours of the key sites.

That continued fascination is what makes Kennedy’s autograph such a sought after item.

Had he lived, Kennedy would have been an in-demand signer, no doubt about that.

But the combination of his early death…

The shockwave it caused…

And the ongoing speculation around it…

It keeps him at the forefront of people’s minds.

There’s a mystique that surrounds JFK.

It encircles the entire Kennedy dynasty.

He left few autographs

JFK lived in the age of pen and paper.

So there’s a good amount of material out there.

John F Kennedy Autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons) 

But, crucially, you’ll find very little from his time as president.

Most of his correspondence is to be found in the national and museum archives.

And autographs are equally thin on the ground.  

Before he became president, few people were asking JFK for his autograph.

And after his election there was no getting close to him.

He was surrounded by secret service agents.

Only meeting the public at carefully vetted events.

The market is limited.

Most of the available items are of a high quality.

Letters, documents and inscribed books.

Often presented to visiting dignitaries or people he knew well.

And buyers will pay a premium for those.

Paul Fraser.

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