Elizabeth Taylor autographs

Elizabeth Taylor’s autograph is a classic rarity.

Taylor was among the biggest movie stars of her era.

This alone makes her essential for collectors of film memorabilia.

But there are other reasons demand remains high.

Signatures are rare

There are a huge number of Elizabeth Taylor autographs out there.

But few are the genuine article.

Elizabeth Taylor autograph

(Image: Flickr)

Most are secretarial.

Taylor was popular right from the start of her career.

Her agents received vast sacks of mail every week, many requesting signed photographs.

It would have been impossible for Taylor to sign them all.

Most are autopen or pre-printed.

An easy tell is the quality of the ink on the paper.

If it looks "flat" and a little too perfect, there’s a strong chance it is.

The rarity of genuine signatures has ensured a steady growth in value over the last few decades.

A unique figure

Many of the early stars of Hollywood were glamorous but dull.

That’s not an accusation you could level at Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor autograph

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Not only was she a supremely talented actor, she was an avowed libertine.

At a time when society expected women to be demure and submissive, she was tearing around the world.

Wild parties, several marriages, countless affairs…

Not to mention her legendary romance with Richard Burton.

Taylor lived the kind of life her male co-stars had been getting away with for years.

Today she’s a feminist icon.

Her independence was at odds with her time.

She’s still relevant, ensuring a broad modern market for her memorabilia.

Her work stands the test of time

Many of Hollywood’s golden era classics get forgotten.

But not those involving Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor autograph

(Image: Paul Fraser Collectibles)

She's such a magnetic presence; her movies remain staples of film festivals and rescreenings.

Cleopatra, National Velvet, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf…

All bona fide classics.

Taylor’s status is yet another pillar of her market.

Paul Fraser,

Founder of Paul Fraser Collectibles.

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