Bruce Lee’s autograph:  Fist of fury

Bruce Lee was only 33 when he died in 1973.

Yet he left behind an enduring legacy – including five of the greatest kung fu movies ever made.

Demand for his autograph is higher than it’s ever been.

Let’s look at why.

He’s was a global superstar

Bruce Lee wasn’t only a huge star in the west.

He was even bigger in China – a local hero at a time when life was extremely tough.

Food was thin on the ground in the 1970s. The Cultural Revolution was ongoing and families struggled to make ends meet. 

Bruce Lee autograph

Bruce Lee's statue in Hong Kong (Image: Pixabay)

But the nation is now one of the biggest economies in the world. Personal wealth is growing at an astonishing rate. In the auction and collecting industry, some of the biggest prices are being paid by Chinese buyers.

This influx of new collectors is having a dramatic effect on competition for Lee's autograph.

He died young

We’re obsessed by stars who died in their prime.

Think about it.

Bruce Lee autograph

Lee in The Big Boss (1973), his first major film (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Elvis Presley. Marilyn Monroe. JFK.  

These are some of the most valuable signers on the market.

What makes these people so intriguing?

Here’s what I think. When a star dies in their prime, the moments in their life take on more significance. There is no fallow period. No shonky 10th album. No ill-advised collaborations.

And what’s more, every aspect of their life is imbued with meaning. You know the start and end points. You can connect the dots.

Bruce Lee is a classic example.  

His autograph is really beautiful

Don’t get me wrong, I love all signatures.

But I must admit, I have a real soft spot for Bruce Lee’s autograph.

It’s incredibly attractive.

Lee's flow is very unusual. He learned to write in traditional Chinese characters as a child and this clearly informs the way he signs his name in English.

His autograph is often paired with the symbol for “dragon” – a nice nod to his movie career.

Paul Fraser. 

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