WWII Bristol toy airplane sells for $16,000

A toy airplane, bought during WWII, but never played with, has sold for ?�10,000 ($15,969) at auction in the UK.

The story of the toy is a harrowing one.

Bought in Bristol, UK in 1941, the W. Britain-made US style monoplane, still in its original box, was found in a loft in the city wrapped in newspaper.

W. Britain monoplane toy
Its intended recipient is thought never to have been killed in the blitz

The newspaper details the city's bombing at the hands of the Nazis two evenings previously, leading to speculation that the toy was bought for a child who died in the blitz.

Its heart wrenching story coupled with its supreme rarity - just three are known in the camouflage finish and it is the only square wing version of the three - ensured its strong price.

The auction house's spokesperson, Simon Clarke, told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Although they produced thousands of aircraft, W. Britain only produced a very small number just prior to ceasing production during the war with a camouflage finish.

"It was quite a good price - I was over the moon. It's not unusual to achieve those types of prices for W. Britain toys - they're sought after all over the world."

Earlier this year a W. Britain flying boat, made in 1936, sold for $13,000.

The Daily Mail reports that the present plane was bought by a US collector.

1,299 people were killed in Bristol during six bombing raids from 1940 to 1941. It was the fifth most heavily bombed city in the UK during the conflict.

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