Wonderful Wizard of Oz card is priced $4.2k

Seventy-one years after its initial release, time has only added to the classic status of MGM's 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz.

Unbelievably, the film wasn't a commercial success at first. But years of televised screenings and its wildly popular songs, including Over the Rainbow, have seen it become one of the most-loved films ever made.

Of course, with classic films come classic memorabilia items. Oz artefacts currently on the market include this rare "Oz" title card from the film's re-release in 1949.

Many collectors consider the 1949 cards superior to the 1939 originals - the former featuring better colours, and more spectacular artwork and graphics.

This has also been proven on the collectors market, which has seen a number of the 1949 title cards sell for record prices, valued more highly than the 1939 cards.

1949 title cards, like this one, often sell for more than 1939 examples

An example sold at Heritage Auction Galleries in March 2008, for a wonderful $7,200, while another sold for $4,200.

This particular example of a 1949 card is currently on the market and available collectors, priced $4,900.

For collectors and investors alike, there is a lot of money in Wizard of Oz memorabilia. An original pair of ruby slippers can bring more than £400,000 at auction.

And Wizard of Oz film posters have left the auction block priced at £3,000.

One collector who may be interested in this 1949 title card is Adele Morris, owner of Britain's largest collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia - unless she has one already, that is.

In this fascinating interview, Adele - a former associate of the film's star, Judy Garland - discusses her personal love of Oz memorabilia, and why she is motivated to collect.


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