Why it still isn't 'game over' for Bruce Lee's most iconic piece of memorabilia

Never underestimate Bruce Lee, not even in death. It appears that it still isn't game over for his Game of Death jumpsuit, which is still for sale on the market priced at a whopping $71,700.

The jumpsuit didn't find a buyer at Heritage's recent memorabilia sale, which also saw William Shatner's Captain Kirk uniform from the Star Trek movies bring $44,813.

'The single most recognisable piece
of memorabilia from Lee's legacy'
is still for sale priced at $71,700

Really, it's difficult not to wonder,' what on earth were the bidders thinking?'

Not only is this most iconic outfit worn by Lee - cinema's most important martial artist - it is also one of the most recognisable costumes in movie history.

Described as being "on a par with Superman's cape and Indiana Jones' fedora," the jumpsuit's icon status was most recently confirmed in director Quentin Tarantino's hit film, Kill Bill.

Many of the fight scenes in Tarantino's movie feature star Uma Thurman wearing a costume that is clearly based on this jumpsuit (which you can be seen in the below video).

Other homages to the suit have also appeared in films Shaolin Soccer and The Last Dragon, as well as numerous video games, TV shows and music videos.

According to Heritage Auction House, Lee's jumpsuit was given to co-star Mel Novak who plays the assassin "Styx" in Game of Death.

Although regarded as a classic in its own right, Game of Death is also integral to the tragedy of Bruce Lee. The actor tragically died of a cerebral edema, with only 100 minutes of the film actually shot.

In order to complete the movie, the filmmakers rewrote the script so that Lee's character is shot in the face (by the character of Styx) after falling foul of a mafia boss.

The new plot allowed stunt doubles, lookalikes and archival footage to be used in the completion of Lee's scenes.

Described by Heritage as "the single most recognisable piece of memorabilia attached to Lee's legacy," and billed as being in Very Fine to Excellent condition, it shouldn't be long before this most-iconic of memorabilia items is snapped-up by a savvy buyer. 


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