White Star Line Titanic letter to make $37,000?

A breathtakingly insensitive letter sent from the White Star Line to the family of one of the officers aboard the Titanic could make ?�20,000-25,000 ($29,693-37,116) in a sale at Henry Aldridge & Son in Devizes, UK.

In it, the company asks Christopher Moody's relatives for a deposit to return his remains to the UK.

White Star Line letter
The letter asks officer Christopher Moody's relatives for ?�20 to return his body to the UK

White Star Line writes: "While we will be prepared to transport the remains of your brother across the Atlantic to either Liverpool or Southampton, we regret that it is not possible for us to do any more.

"Should you after further consideration desire the remains of your brother to be returned will you kindly telegraph us in the morning at the same time sending us a deposit of ?�20 for any expenses and land charges on the other side and we will at once cable New York asking then to arrange this if practicable.

"We also think it right to point out that the arrangements and expenses for taking charge of the remains after arrival of the steamer at Liverpool or Southampton would be on your account."

The letter dates to May 7, 1912 - less than a month after the ship went down.

A spokesperson for Henry Aldridge explained: "The importance of this letter cannot be overstated as it was unknown to this point that the White Star Line would charge the family of one of the officers onboard the ill-fated liner for the return of their loved one.

"The irony of this letter is Officer Moody's body was never recovered, which further illustrates the callous nature of the letter."

The April 18 sale will also feature an original deckchair recovered from the wreck.

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