Which 21st century leader's collectibles would you most like to own?

We asked you:

"Which 21st century leader's collectibles would you most like to own?"

The results are a resounding victory for Fidel Castro:

  • Fidel Castro 40%
  • Saddam Hussein 20%
  • Barack Obama 20%

The figures reveal that while Castro remains a hugely divisive figure around the world, his inarguable impact on global events over the past 50 years ensures his artefacts are in great demand.

Saddam Hussein's presence near the top of the list may surprise some, yet it is an indication that history's vilest men are often the most memorable, and collectible.

There are some who say that selling items connected with dictators should be off limits, yet many auction houses would argue that by keeping these items available to the public it is a constant reminder for future generations of the dangers of allowing such people to come to power.

Barack Obama's historic position as America's first black president ensures his collectibles will be highly sought-after for the long-term.

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