Wear this when The Wind Cries Mary... Jimi Hendrix's 'last jacket' is for sale

As we've reported, the Fame Bureau's upcoming auction will include a well-photographed gold guitar which belonged to The King himself, Elvis Presley.

Another highlight is a piece of memorabilia advertised as Jimi Hendrix's Last Dinner Party Jacket.

This is a custom-made military style grey-woosted frock jacket with 20" centre vent sculpted back and shoulders. It has five button closure and military four button cuffs. Lined with satin gold, pink, black and brown paisley, it also sports a mandala pyschedlic design.

The vendor explains in text with the lot that he came by it whilst doing a valuation for an ex-hippy in Notting Hill, London.

" The client informed me that he had been an associate of Jimi Hendrix and the London IT scene and that he also had known Monica Dannermann, Jimi's German girlfriend at the time of his death. […]

"He went on to talk about Jimi and Monica and how it had depressed and affected him and I mentioned that Jimi was one of my all time favourite artists.

"He then left the room and came back with a grey jacket that looked to be a similar style to Dandy Fashions a clothes shop in the Kings Road Chelsea in 1967.

"He said to me that this was a jacket that Jimi had left at his house either the night that he died or the day before, saying that Jimi had visited him and left the Jacket at the house and of course never came back the story seemed to make him even more morbid. […]

"I tried the jacket on and it was a perfect fit the arm length being exactly what it should be and the flared frocked jacket length was also dead right.

"I explained that I thought it was fantastic and great to see such fine tailoring, he turned to me and said, "it fits so well why don't You take it as payment for your appraisal, it's of no use to me."

Hendrix last jacket
Jimi Hendrix's 'last dinner jacket'

Later the current vendor learned that the client had committed suicide in a way mimicking Monica Dannerman.

The jacket was then thought to be lost for several years as the vendor thought it had accidentally been given to charity, but this July 20011 it was re-discovered, having been packed away carefully, preserving its condition.

It is listed with an estimate of £20,000-£25,000 (up to $41,000). The vendor is hoping that the provenance of the piece is clarified by someone recognising his client from the extended description with the lot.

The sale takes place in London on August 24.



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