Warren Buffett v Luxury Collectibles

Warren Buffett rightly receives the plaudits.

Had you invested with his Berkshire Hathaway Group over the last 20 years you'd have become very wealthy.

You'd have seen returns of 18.83% per annum - compounded over 20 years.

Warren is generally acknowledged as the world's greatest ever investor.

Yet he still wouldn't have beaten an investment in Collectibles.

The lucky owner of Andy Warhol's 200 One Dollar Bills has just sold the masterpiece for $43.8m at auction in New York.

They had originally purchased the piece for $385,000 in 1986.

That's a return of almost 23% per annum, compounded over the last 23 years.

The owner of Marilyn Monroe's bathrobe did even better.

He purchased the bathrobe for $6,000 in 1999 and sold again at auction in 2009 for $120,000.

That's almost 35% per annum, compounded over the last decade.

The point is this: there is a place for luxury Collectibles in any diversified investment portfolio.

Items that will give you immense pleasure can also give you profit.

Remember the three 'P's...

Pleasure, Passion and Profit.

Have a look at one of our recommended portfolios to whet your appetite.

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