Vinyl cape Jawa figure may see $19,000 at Vectis Auctions

The rarest of all Star Wars Palitoy figures, the vinyl cape Jawa, is expected to see more than ?�12,000 ($18,792) when it appears at Vectis Auctions on October 24.

Star Wars Palitoy vinyl cape Jawa
Will the toy exceed expectations following the eBay sale earlier this year?

The toy is estimated at ?�6,000-8,000 ($9,396-12,528), but is expected to exceed this given that another example sold for ?�11,300 ($17,695) on eBay in May.

The toy's value lies in its rarity. Until the eBay example appeared, there was doubt as to whether the vinyl cape Jawa even existed, with the tiny figure fabled among collectors.

The Palitoy series figures, featuring 12 characters from the original film, were sold for 99p in British newsagents in 1978.

The Jawa was originally issued with a vinyl cape, but after just a few weeks of sales, the decision was made to change it to cloth.

All the toys from the Palitoy series are comparatively valuable, as the company soon lost its licence and the figures were subsequently produced in the US.

The sale includes four carded Star Wars figures.

Paul Fraser Collectibles is currently offering an original prop from the first Star Wars film.

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