Video of the week... The valuable antics of Bart Simpson
"If you survive, please come again" - and he certainly has

There's a worldwide famous celebrity who is turning 32 today, though thanks to the best creams and treatments Hollywood has to offer you might not have guessed. Bart Simpson, the naughtiest kid in Springfield, (wherever that is) is aging gracefully.

Bartholomew JoJo "Bart" Simpson is voiced by actress Nancy Cartwright, and was first introduced to the world on April 19, 1987.

The Simpsons are of course a globally loved phenomenon, and their collectibles can be highly coveted and valuable. As we've mentioned, Glynne Williams of Bristol may have the greatest collection of Simpsons memorabilia in existence, whilst Paul Fraser Collectibles sold a 'family portrait' of the Simpson family by Matt Groening for well over $1,000 just a few weeks back.

Lisa Simpson signed drawing
Hi Lisa! This signed drawing is available and likely to increase in value
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Likewise, an original animation artwork for the episode Weekend at Burnsie's has previously brought $2,509 at Heritage, and in general original celluloid from the series is expected to bring four-figure prices.

By the time Bart grows up, (maybe when he's a Supreme Court judge, which for some of us can't come too soon...) these collectibles may be worth still more.

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