Video of the Week: Our continuing fascination with Princess Diana

Lady Diana Spencer tragically died today, August 31 in 1997, aged just 36.


Engaged to be married to Prince Charles from 1981, her wedding was watched by 750 million people worldwide - an extraordinary figure - which made her arguably the most famous woman in the world.

She was a subject of great fascination for the media and public which tracked her style and life through her apparently fairytale marriage, its collapse and final divorce.

This fascination from the public has never really waned, and it was re-kindled rather than eclipsed by interest in the Royal Wedding earlier this year of her son William to Kate Middleton.

In June the Dunkel collection of her dresses was sold with some of them reaching six-figure sums, including one in which she danced with John Travolta for $800,000, and the value of her autograph has actually increased 616% since the year 2000 according to the PFC40 index.

This is for a number of reasons: Diana was a sympathetic figure regarded as cast adrift amongst the forces of establishment and media, and remembered for her extensive charity work especially with landmines.

That combines with an enduring interest in British Royalty and a fascination with someone who died tragically in their glamorous prime.

See here for more information on the value of Diana's autographs and memorabilia.


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