Video of the Week... Inside the homes of Rock 'n' Roll's greatest legends

Forty-two years after the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix moved in with his English girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, to the top floor flat of 23 Brook Street, Mayfair, it is being turned into an exhibition.

The expo is being arranged to mark the 40th anniversary of Hendrix's death in 1970, aged just 27, and features rare exhibits, images and music.

Home is where the Hendrix is:
the late guitarist's house is open
to visitors until November

And Hendrix's commemorative blue plaque isn't the only one on the building. Composer George Frederic Handel also lived on the premises at neighbouring 25 Brook Street.

That address has since been converted into Handel House Museum. Until now, the Museum used 23 Brook Street as its administrative offices.

However, the approaching anniversary of Hendrix's death has clearly caused the Museum to take stock. After all, Hendrix's viability as an investment has been booming in recent years...

Recent high-profile Hendrix sales included his 1966 Fender Mustang guitar, auctioned for $480,000 in 2007, while his autograph has increased in value by 397.5% over the last 10 years.

According to the Handel House Museum, its expo will explore several aspects of Hendrix's life and career, including 'the man behind the extraordinary guitar playing,' with never-before-seen exhibits.

"We are excited to be celebrating the life of Jimi Hendrix," said Sarah Bardwell, Director of Handel House Museum. "The flat was a true home base to Hendrix during his seemingly endless schedule of touring in the UK and elsewhere."

And, according to Bardwell, Hendrix was rather taken by his building's former resident. "Hendrix learned of the Handel connection with the building and headed to One Stop Records to pick up whichever records of Handel music he could find."

Undoubtedly, the 23 Brook Street expo will be a must-see to fans of Hendrix. And it isn't the first time that a former rock 'n' roll residence has been opened to the public...

What was just another anonymous terraced house in Liverpool half a century ago is today one of the most famous addresses in the world: 20 Forthlin Road.

Once where Lennon and McCartney wrote their earliest Beatles songs, McCartney's boyhood home was acquired by the National Trust in 1995 and remains a museum to this day.

Also preserved by the National Trust is John Lennon's childhood home of Mendips - which, unlike McCartney's home, is decorated with a blue plaque to commemorate that Lennon is no longer alive.

In the top video by the Associated Press, you can watch a preview of the Jimi Hendrix exhibition and an interview with the organisers. It opened on August 25 and continues until November 11.

And in the below video, Yoko Ono introduces a guide to Lennon and McCartney's former childhood homes: Mendips and Forthlin Road, which remain the two most-famous rock 'n' roll homes in Britain.


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