Unsettling reminders of the Holocaust will auction in Beverly Hills

Memorabilia from one of human history's darkest episodes is auctioning at Regency Superior in Beverly Hills, California on October 2.

Roughly 60 lots chronicling the persecution of Jews by the Third Reich will be going under the hammer, offering a shocking and invaluable insight into the Nazi's notorious master plan.

Propagandist literature will feature in the auction's lots

Among the items appearing for sale are anti-Semitic postcards depicting Jews as the scourge of Europe and the cause of the region's problems, government documents marking out specific people as Jewish, signs proclaiming establishments owned by Jews, and signs marking "Jew Free" areas.

Also going under the hammer are various examples of coins and currency from the Third Reich.

Of potential interest to historians and museums, as well as collectors, the lots in Regency Superior's sale show how Hitler's regime used propaganda to spur even moderates into distrusting the Jewish population.

Examples of these include two pieces of German inflation currency overprinted with a derogatory cartoon of a Jewish person, alongside text suggesting that they were the root of Germany's monetary crisis.

A poster denouncing the British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Meanwhile, another lot comprises three innocuous-looking metal tags containing Jewish stars. These were originally luggage clips, affixed to bags being shipped to concentration camps.

As with previous similar sales, it's likely that the sale of these items will attract Holocaust museums and similar institutions with the intention of using these items to educate and remind future generations of the Holocaust.



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