Unrecorded Abraham Lincoln letter brings $11,000 to US auction


An Abraham Lincoln-signed letter previously unrecorded by the Abraham Lincoln Historical Museum has brought $11,000 to a July 28 Illinois auction dedicated to the US president.

Abraham Lincoln letter thanks
Lincoln's letter saw excellent as an unrecorded example

In 1864, an author and journalist named Thomas Gregg of Warsaw, Illinois wrote a poem called Ruth, which described a grandmother who had seen many of her loved ones die to preserve the American way of life, yet still believed their sacrifice necessary to maintaining the "Land of the Free". Gregg then sent his completed poem to President Abraham Lincoln in support of the Union forces of the American civil war.

It came at a time of great stress in the president's career and was gratefully received, which Lincoln noted by sending Gregg a letter of thanks. It reads: "My Dear Sir, I take pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of your poem 'Ruth' and in thanking you for your kindness in sending it to me. Yours Very Truly, A. Lincoln, Thomas Gregg Esq. Warsaw, Illinois."

Despite being little more than a brief note, written by his secretary John Hay, the letter's value was boosted by its status as a previously unrecorded example. Unrecorded letters are exceedingly rare, as almost all correspondence leaving or entering the White House was recorded at the time. The Abraham Lincoln Historical Museum has recognised its importance by scanning the letter for its archives, to be included in its Complete Papers of Abraham Lincoln project.

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