'Two bright investment futures: and both offer rewards to savvy collectors'

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Neither you nor I have a crystal ball. However, the news this week has shown us two very bankable future outcomes...

Firstly, in Cuba...

In case you don't subscribe to our twice-weekly emails, I'd like to refer you to a great article that Adrian Roose emailed to our subscribers over the weekend.

In it, Adrian referred to the 'Cuban Oil Hunt'.

An oil rig has moved into position 100 miles off the Florida coast. Its purpose is to drill an estimated 4.4 billion barrels of oil.

With this development we are witnessing economic history in the making. The drilling will radically boost Cuba's economic future, and achieve billions of pounds profit for those involved.

But what does this mean for you? Two words: Cuban collectibles.

As tangible assets, Cuban collectibles have been generating 22.2% grown per annum since 2000. How and why, you might ask?

To find out more, read our special report on Cuban History and Memorabilia

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Another great future lies in China

Christie's yesterday posted its total art sales from 2011. And it's good news.

In total, the auctioneer's art sales netted $5.7bn. That's 14% more than in 2010!

What caused this rise? Well, the answer is largely down to China's art buyers. Chinese collectors are participating in collectibles more and more each year.

The respected Mei Moses index recorded that Chinese art grew in value by 20.6% in 2011.

And the view from the auction room floor? Well, top US auctioneer James D Julia recently commented that Chinese collectibles have risen in value by 2,000%-5,000%.

"Some Chinese objects which regularly sold in 2003 for $20,000-30,000, today will bring $500,000-800,000 or more," said Mr Julia.

My point is this...

While neither of us has a crystal ball, these factors all point towards bright futures for Cuba and China.

And this could also mean a bright future for you as a collector.

Not only in China or Cuba, but also other emerging economies like India, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East. Check out our news website to find out more.

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All the best, until next week



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