Top 5 most shocking Madonna memorabilia

Top 5 most shocking Madonna memorabilia

With Madonna's 2012 World Tour underway, we look at the singer's most shocking collectibles

  1. Jean Paul Gaultier Bustier

Madonna Jean Paul Gaultier bustier Just one of the famous Madonna conical bustiers

OK, so it may not be that shocking, but when Madonna wore this risque black Jean-Paul Gaultier bustieron her 1987 Who's That Girl? tour it sparked massive media attention and has since become synonymous with the singer's daring image. The bustier went to auction in late 2011 with an estimate of just $6,000-8,000, but shocked the crowd when it realised a spectacular $72,000. Paul Fraser Collectibles is currently offering fans a chance to replicate Madonna's iconic look with our Girlie Show World Tour basque.4. Madonna's Sex book

Madonna Sex book Madonna's Sex featuring Vanilla Ice

This coffee table book, written by Madonna in collaboration with photographer Steven Meisel, met with considerable controversy when it was first released in 1992. Designed to accompany her fifth studio album Erotica, the book contains strong pornographic and sadomasochistic content, including graphic images of Madonna and a number of celebrity figures. In the same auction as the bustier (above), a signed copy of the book brought $3,200. The value of signed Madonna items has continued to grow since, with the PFC40 Autograph Index reporting a 6.15% increase from 2010 to 2011. Paul Fraser Collectibles has a superb Madonna signed tank top, which was worn for the cover of her Love Profusion single. 3. Helmut Newton's Madonna Dancing on Bar with Beer Bottle

Helmut Newton Madonna bottle scene Reminiscent of the notorious bottle scene...

Newton's saucy black and white shot of Madonna makes our top five not only because of its connection to the singer's infamous bottle performancein 1991's Material Girl documentary, but also due to the staggering price it achieved at auction. The image was estimated to sell for $20,00-30,000 when it appeared at Christie's in 2005, but sailed past this valuation to achieve an impressive $96,000, making it one of the most expensive items of Madonna memorabilia to date. 2. Madonna's sexy phone messages

 Was Madonna's ex just ignoring her calls?

17 minutes worth of erotic phone messages left by Madonnaon a former boyfriend's answer phoneappeared at auction 20 years after the couple split up. The two microcassettes, estimated at $30,000-40,000, appeared among an array of intimate items, including a "very personal" video of the star and 21 faxes that were sent to her former bodyguard and boyfriend, Jim Albright.

Due to the confidential nature of the material, which could be viewed by appointment only, it is not certain whether the items were sold at this particular auction, but they could provide a stimulating investment for collectors in years to come. 1. Lee Friedlander - Nude (Madonna)

Lee Friedlander Madonna  A nude shoot with Madonna cost just $25 in 1979

In a career packed with shocking events, this graphic image stands out as Madonna's most revealing moment. The 1979 photograph was taken by renowned photographer Lee Friedlander, years before Madonna's meteoric rise to fame. The singer, who was 21 and a student at the time, was paid just $25 for her efforts, a paltry sum given the $37,500 price tag achieved by the image at Christie's in 2009. Madonna memorabilia continually demonstrates its worth when it appears at auction, so much sothat an investment fund has been created with the sole purpose of buying the singer's items. And rightly so, as her 2012 World Tour gets underway and with a new studio album released in March, Madonna's popularity shows no sign of slowing, suggesting further increases inthe value ofher memorabilia are on the way. Download our free Madonna investment report forfurther reasons to invest in the legacy of the world's best-selling female artist. You can see the full range of Paul Fraser Collectibles' Madonna memorabilia here.

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