Top 10 memorabilia items auctioning at PFC Auctions

PFC Auctions' latest sale features a wealth of memorabilia from some of the biggest names in history, including Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman and even George Washington.

The following are 10 of the most exciting lots in the sale, however there are many more on offer. Click here to take a look.

10. Bob Dylan set list

Bob Dylan
The set list features a strong signature from Dylan

Bob Dylan is one of a handful of people in the world that the term "living legend" can be attached to. His impact on both music and culture has been truly monumental.

This set list dates from a 2001 performance and lists some of his best known songs along with Dylan's strong signature.

Recent auctions have seen guitars and lyric sheets selling for major sums. This is an opportunity to pick up a solid piece of memorabilia for significantly less.

9. Albert Einstein letter

Einstein letter
Einstein has typed this letter and signed it at the bottom

Letters written by Albert Einstein command strong prices at auction due to his status as one of the greatest minds in history. 

This letter dates to January 2, 1954 and offers a fascinating insight into his stance on McCarthyism, which was sweeping America at the time. It reads: "Dear Mr Lamont I thank you for sending me your excellent statement which I had, of course, already seen.

"Through your attitude you have rendered the country an important service. There is one point in your statement which I regretted.

"It is your declaration that you have never been a member of the Communist party. For party membership is a thing about which no citizen has any obligation to give an accounting for. Sincerely Yours Albert Einstein".

8. Apollo 11 crew signed photographs

Apollo 11
The Apollo 11 crew are universally celebrated

The 1969 Moon landings were broadcast around the world. Hundreds of millions of people witnessed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepping on to the lunar surface.

The clip continues to be played and replayed, ensuring that the crew of the Apollo 11 will live on forever.

This collection of three signed photographs offers a stunning centrepiece for any collector of space memorabilia.  

7. The Beatles signed album page

Beatles memorabilia has grown significantly in value since 2000

Who are the best band of all time? That's an argument that could rage on and on, but the Beatles certainly have a solid claim to the title.

This album page features autographs from all four members.

The value of Beatles memorabilia has been climbing steadily for years, with the price of signed album pages up 17% pa between 2000 and 2013.

6. Princess Diana handwritten note

Diana wrote this letter to friend and beautician Janet Filderman

Princess Diana's death in 1997 shocked the world. Her name appears in headlines even today, with her dresses performing well at auctions on both sides of the Atlantic.

Diana sent this handwritten note to friend and beautician Janet Filderman, whom she met in the months following her first pregnancy.

It reads: "Dearest Janet, A large basket of flowers arrived this morning & I just knew that they'd come from you! You cheered me up no end on Sunday evening - I was feeling desperate & so needed to hear your voice.

"My flowers smell heavenly & bring a huge smile to the face immediately, so your thought has done wonders. Thank you. I hope that one day, Janet, I will be able to help you as you've helped me, until then, lots of love & so many thanks, Diana."

5. Neil Armstrong scissors and comb

Armstrong comb
This scissor and comb set was used to cut Neil Armstrong's hair

Ohio-based barber Marx Sizemore fell out with Neil Armstrong after the astronaut realised he was selling his hair on to memorabilia hunters.

This prompted Armstrong to threaten Sizemore with legal action unless he donated the proceeds from the sale to charity, which he promptly did.

Since then these artefacts have been housed in a private collection. They are offered along with 25 strands of Armstrong's hair.

4. Marilyn Monroe signed cheque

Monroe made this cheque out to a liquor store in 1957

A cheque signed by Marilyn Monroe is another highlight. It dates to September 15, 1957 (when she was at the height of her fame), and is made out to Sutton Wines & Liquors Inc for $8.81.

It features a bold signature and names her as the head of Marilyn Monroe Productions Inc, which had recently released the Prince and the Showgirl - starring the actress alongside Laurence Olivier.

3. Kennedy autographed photo

The photograph shows JFK with his children

The Kennedy assassination was one of the most dramatic events in American hisotry. It radically altered the political and social landscape.  

This photograph features signatures from John, Jacqueline and their two children - offering a poignant reminder of the human cost of November 22, 1963.

2. Paul Newman's racing jacket

Actor Paul Newman was also a successful racing driver 

Paul Newman was as famous for his off-screen exploits as he was for his incendiary roles in some of the biggest films of his era.

In addition to his acting work (and his booming salad dressing business), he was a committed racing driver. Over the years, he drove for a number of teams and racked up some impressive results on the IndyCar circuit.

This jacket, believed to be one of only two ever sold, was worn by Newman during the 1970s and 1980s.

A suit worn by that other famous petrol head Steve McQueen at Le Mans sold for $984,000 in 2011.  

1. George Washington lottery ticket

Washington ticket
Washington led the US to victory in the revolutionary war

Without George Washington, America as we know it today might never have existed.

Known as the father of the nation, he led the continental armies to victory in the revolutionary war, signed into existence the constitution and presided over the senate as the very first president of the United States.

This lottery ticket dates to 1768, just a few short years before the Americans shook off the colonial yoke. It's one of just 25 surviving examples, of which the majority are out of circulation.

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