Tombstone, Arizona autograph book makes $69,000 at Heritage Auctions

A book of autographs collected in the town of Tombstone, Arizona in the 1880s has sold for $68,750 at Heritage Auctions' June 14 Legends of the West sale in Dallas.

The signatures were collected by the Pima County Bank for comparison purposes and include many of the best known figures from the town's history - from Wyatt Earp to Kate Holliday.

Tombstone autograph book
The autographs were collected in Tombstone during the 1880s

Tombstone was the scene of the gunfight at the OK Corral, which took place in 1881 and has come to embody the lawlessness of the Old West.

Also featured was a bear claw necklace presented by Lakota chief Sitting Bull to showman Buffalo Bill Cody, which sold for $40,625.

Sitting Bull performed in Cody's Wild West Show during the 1880s and the two men became close friends. The necklace is considered a mark of respect in Lakota culture.

It features 10 bear claws, rather than the usual 20-40, as the grizzly had been hunted to the point of extinction towards the turn of the century.

A pair of gauntlets worn by General Custer during the Indian wars of the mid to late 1800s were another highlight, achieving $15,000.

We have this signed photograph of John Wayne from the western True Grit available.

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