Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible suit offered at Christie's

A suit worn by Tom Cruise in classic action movie Mission: Impossible (1996) is to auction at Christie's.

It's expected to make ?�5,000-7,000 ($7,810-10,935) in the Out of the Ordinary sale in London on September 10.

Tom Cruise Mission
Mission: Impossible was one of the biggest blockbusters of the 1990s

The suit appears in the iconic scene where Cruise (as Ethan Hunt) descends into a sealed CIA room from the ceiling.

Stuntman Randy Butcher explains: "He's in a harness, and they're using some Spectra Rope, which is better than cable.  

"Whether it's 30 or 40 feet, Tom is absolutely in that harness, using his own stomach muscles and his own balance to maintain that position and that shot. They don't cut away from it at all."

A black wooden sentry box from the Tower of London is expected to make ?�3,000-5,000 ($4,659-7,765).

It was bought from Kensington Palace but bears a stencil reading Tower JH, indicating that it once stood outside the jewel house.

It was built sometime around the second half of the 20th century.

The eclectic sale will also feature Roger Bannister's four minute mile running shoes and a model gorilla.

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