Today in history... Lisa-Marie Presley is born

On this day, in 1968, Lisa-Marie Presley was born in Memphis, Tennessee, exactly nine months after her parents' wedding.

That these parents happened to be Elvis and Priscilla Presley ensured that Lisa Marie's life would never be an ordinary one.

Lisa-Marie's father, Elvis Presley

Yet, despite the big boots of her father, Lisa-Marie Presley has carved out a respectable career as a singer-songwriter in her own right, earning the nickname 'the Princess of Rock 'n' Roll.'

And Elvis hasn't been the only remarkable man in her life. Lisa-Marie's four marriages have included pop icon Michael Jackson, and one of Hollywood's most high-profile collectors...

Since Michael Jackson's untimely death in July last year, the value of his signature has ascended to 'the autographs big league', among the likes of Neil Armstrong and George Washington.

So it was perhaps only a matter of time until a memorabilia item linked to his 1994-96 marriage to Lisa-Marie appeared on the market.

This happened last week, when Jackson and Presley's original marriage certificate - dated May 26, 1994, and held in the Dominican Republic - sold at Philip Weiss Auction.

Bearing the signatures of husband, wife and State Official Hugo F Perez, it eventually realised $70,800.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley's wedding document from 1994

Years after Michael and Lisa-Marie's divorce in 1996, Presley later married a renowned comic book collector.

Actor Nicolas Cage's movies have raked in a billion dollars - and he further added to the fortune when his extensive comic book collection auctioned at Heritage.

Eventually, the 141 lots realised an incredible $1.98m.

Highlights in Cage's collection include a 1940 Detective #38 comic featuring the debut of Batman's sidekick Robin. It sold for $120,750 over an estimate of $45,000.

Presley's former spouses include
Nicolas Cage, one-time owner of
Action Comics #1 (sold for $86.25k)

His collection was all the more remarkable for including Action Comics #1 from 1938, a "holy grail" comic featuring the debut of Superman. It hammered at $86,250.

What's more, Cage's collecting achievements don't end there.

His second impressive feat came in the form of a romantic gesture worthy of the big screen... Although this wasn't for Lisa-Marie, but his previous wife Patricia Arquette (married 1995-2001).

Before agreeing to marry Cage, Arquette wrote down a list of three impossible requests.

Her wish list included a black orchid, a wedding dress from an elusive Tibetan Tribe... and the autograph of the notoriously reclusive novelist JD Salinger.

A recluse since the early 1950s, Catcher In The Rye author Salinger's signature is, unsurprisingly, one of the rarest and most valuable in the world.

Nevertheless, Cage - reportedly a hopeless romantic - achieved two of Arquette's three requests: a black orchid (or rather a white orchid spray-painted black) and a letter from Salinger himself.

Since Salinger's death, only last week, the value of this signature will be sure to increase dramatically.


Images: Philip Weiss (marriage certificate) Heritage (Action Comics #1)

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