Today in history... Charlie Chaplin dies

On this day in history, Charlie Chaplin died aged 88. He left behind him a professional show business career spanning 75 years, and a legacy which would see him voted the 10th greatest male actor of all time by the American Film Institute.

Indeed, Chaplin provided entertainment to the masses throughout World War One, the Great Depression and the rise of Hitler.

Said reviewer Martin Sieff in his review of the book Chaplin: a Life: "It is doubtful any individual has ever given more entertainment, pleasure and relief to so many human beings when they needed it the most."

Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin's entertainment career
spanned World War One, the
Great Depression and the rise
of Hitler

Charlie Chaplin cropped up on Paul Fraser Collectibles last month, with news that a forgotten cinema gem featuring the silent star had been discovered in an old film canister.

An antique collector from Essex, UK, received a shock upon buying a battered container with an "old film" inside, from the popular auction website eBay.

Within the buyer's £3.30 ($5) purchase was titled Charlie Chaplin in Zepped - an unseen movie starring the early cinema legend.

The buyer could find no reference to Zepped on the Internet, and with good reason: Chaplin had repeatedly attempted to sue Essanay, the film company responsible for Zepped, for repeatedly attempting to produce new cinema releases uses edited-together old Chaplin footage.

Experts believe that the film was edited together from out-takes by Essanay - the film company Chaplin worked for in 1914 before parting ways over contractual and salary disputes.

Following analysis by film and Chaplin experts, the film has been valued at an incredible £40,000 ($64,000). 




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