Today in history... Barbra Streisand's first paid concert in 22 years

Few actresses can claim to be as enduring as Barbra Streisand, and this was proven when she returned to the stage before a sell-out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, today in 1993.

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Streisand enjoys a kind of status which means she can emerge whenever she likes, every few years, and people automatically take notice.

Streisand's Dirk Van Erp table lamp

The same thing happened this year when, having decided to clean out her closet - and that a garage sale simply wouldn't do - Streisand had an auction dedicated to herself, instead.

The Barbra Streisand auction took place on October 17-18, 2009 at Julien's Auctions - which famously sold Michael Jackson's iconic glove - in Beverley Hills.

Naturally, her memorabilia included some of the finest outfits, furniture and other home accessories available.

The top lot was a Dirk Van Erp table lamp, which brought an incredible $30,000.

An L & JG Stickley China Cabinet

Other big sellers included an L & JG Stickley China Cabinet, which matched its higher estimate of $15,000; and a William Louis Otte (American, 1871-1957) painting which sold for $13,125.

The auction was a success - and its proceeds went primarily to the Streisand Foundation for women's, children's, political and environmental causes, and the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation.

However, when you're as famous a Streisand, there is always the possibility of things best left forgotten emerging from the woodwork.

In September, Barry Dennen, her ex-boyfriend between 1959-1965, attempted to sell an early demo tape recorded by the pair which he kept after they had broken up.

"Our lawyers are dealing with this," said a representative of Streisand.


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