Today in History... Albert Einstein was born


In 1879, a Württernberg couple, Hermann and Pauline Einstein, Albert.

Einstein went on to become perhaps the most famous science in the world, presenting the idea that time and space are relative, not absolute.

He also contributed to quantum theory, though he was doubtful about its more radical interpretations, and specifically the relationship between mass and energy (E=mc2), offering an understanding of nuclear power.

Einstein is remembered as a staunch pacifist, which makes it ironic that he contributed substantially to the development of nuclear weapons.

His letter to FD Roosevelt laying the foundations for nuclear weapons was one of the prized possessions of great collector Malcolm Forbes. In general, Einstein memorabilia is highly sought after.

You might guess this, given that he was named as one of the highest earning dead celebrities last year.

In fact, the sale of a particular Einstein signature was picked out by RR Auction's Bobby Livingstone as a special highlight of his career. It was a print of the famous image of the great man sticking his tongue out.

This photo, famous around the world,
sold for $74k at RR Auctions

The 7-by-11 picture was taken in 1951 by photographer Arthur Sasse when Sasse had been trying and failing to make the famous physicist smile. Einstein loved the picture and requested 9 prints for himself.

The picture on sale, taken on his 72nd birthday at Princeton university, has the rhyming German text
“Diese Geste Dir gefällt,
Weil sie gelt der Menschenwelt,
Der Civilist kann sich’s leisten,
Kein Diplomat kann sich’s erdreisten.
Ihr Freund und dankbarer Zuhörer” written by Einstein, followed by his signature and ‘`53’.

This was written for the benefit of journalist Howard K Smith, of whose Sunday radio programme Einstein was a fan, and translates: “This gesture you will like, Because it is aimed at all of humanity. A civilian can afford to do What no diplomat would dare. Your loyal and grateful listener”.

The photograph sold for has sold for $74,324 to David Waxman of Long Island, New York.

Purchasing Einstein's signature can be a rewarding investment, as was recently shown with another sale at RR Auction of a letter written by Einstein. The seller made an 11% profit on their purchase.

Collectors may be interested to know that a letter signed by Einstein, discouraging an over-enthusiastic scientist, is currently on the market.


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