Titanic wreck deckchair makes $149,500 in April 18 auction

A deckchair recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic made ?�100,000 ($149,226) in Henry Aldridge & Son's April 18 sale in Devizes, UK.

It was picked up by the CS Mackay-Bennett, one of the ships tasked with recovering the bodies from the water.

The chair last sold in 2001, for ?�33,000. That corresponds to a rise of 8.2% a year, evidence of the growing demand and value of Titanic memorabilia.

Andrew Aldridge, of Henry Aldridge and Son, told the Daily Mail in the run-up to the sale: "It is incredibly rare to find something of that size that was on Titanic, was salvaged and that still exists today.

Aldridge Titanic deckchair
The deckchair was repaired on the return from the wreck site

"You would not use it for practical purposes but have it on display. It would make a great conversation piece. There were a couple of thousand deckchairs on board Titanic and many of them were found floating on the wreck site.

"We have been able to access Mackay-Bennett's log book, which confirmed the crew not only picked up deckchairs but that the ship's carpenter spent time repairing some of them on the way back to Halifax."

A shockingly cold-hearted letter sent by White Star Line to the family of an officer who died when the ship went down made ?�25,000 ($37,333).

In it, the company demands ?�20 to ship his body back to England.

Aldridge explained: "The importance of this letter cannot be overstated as it was unknown to this point that the White Star Line would charge the family of one of the officers onboard the ill-fated liner for the return of their loved one.

"The irony of this letter is Officer Moody's body was never recovered, which further illustrates the callous nature of the letter."

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