Titanic first class menu realises $97,000 at Henry Aldridge & Son

A first class menu saved from the Titanic has realised ?�60,000 ($96,766) at Henry Aldridge & Son in Devizes, UK.

The lot crossed the block as part of a major collection of memorabilia from the ship on October 18.

Titanic menu
The menu was saved after first class passenger Elise Lurette put it in her overcoat

It dates to lunchtime on April 12, 1912 - just two days before the ship sank. Menus bearing this date are particularly rare.

"This opulent menu offered over 40 options for lunch. It was saved by First Class passenger Elise Lurette who was travelling with her employers William and Marie Spencer as First Class passengers onboard the Titanic," explained the auction house.

"Elise boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg on 10th April 1912. On the night of the sinking after a member of the ship's crew had knocked on her cabin door she put a coat on over her nightdress.

"Elise was rescued in lifeboat number 6 and was severely traumatized by her experiences recalling the screams of those in the water and their attempts to climb into the lifeboat."

The auction record for a menu from the ship stands at ?�87,000 ($146,500), set for a second-class example at Henry Aldridge earlier this year.

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